Terms Conditions


Registration fees for membership of PAY2TOPUP is non refundable.

PAY2TOPUP has reserve right for change/modify policy of for any retailer/distributor in future for services which is on paid basis.

Once Registration details update in system then not allowed any changes in master contact of firm.

Logo, website, Software & other application are property of PAY2TOPUP. Retailer/Distributor does not allowed tempered/manipulation in PAY2TOPUP property like website, logos, brand name, software it is retailer/distributor`s responsibility for care it. If retailer/distributor caught by tempered by it PAY2TOPUP will take legal action against him.

Distributor cannot work outside allotted area at the time of enrolment. If anyone wants to work out side area take prior permission from PAY2TOPUP. If anyone found without information work outside area should be suspended/termination of their identity from PAY2TOPUP.

Retailer/Distributor are responsible for his Account details like user name, password. Do not share their login & other details to any other person. If any misuse/fraud due to login/password sharing PAY2TOPUP will not responsible for same.

Due any technical issue any data, record etc. lost PAY2TOPUP not responsible for the same.

Distributor/retailer cannot allow collecting service charge or additional amount over & above commission structure & in that case PAY2TOPUP not responsible for the same for any legal issue in future.

Any retailer/distributor wants to discontinue/freeze their account, its mandatory inform to PAY2TOPUP in writing with prior notice of 7 days. If any retailer/distributor stop/discontinue their work without any information and any manipulation or balance loss during this period PAY2TOPUP not responsible for any legal issue.

The Retailer/Distributor agree and assure PAY2TOPUP that PAY2TOPUP are only the enablers and the sale of ticket-providers of travel & telecom products of third party (Airlines, Hotel, Bus operators, Telecom operators) and PAY2TOPUP cannot be held responsible for any problems that may arise out of the actions or inactions of the third party transport providers likes Airlines, Bus operators etc.

PAY2TOPUP has right to change any terms & condition without prior notice which is acceptable/applicable to all retailers/distributors.

PAY2TOPUP have reserved one side rights to terminate contract between PAY2TOPUP & retailers/distributors in case of found that retailer/distributor not follow/breaking company norms.

We are working an online business so if any technical fault comes arise in future and retailer/distributor caused any kind of lose due to operator/service provider ends in that case PAY2TOPUP will not responsible for it or not give any type of reimbursement for any lose.PAY2TOPUP has right to add/remove/modify any conditions in future without any prior notice.

Subject to jurisdiction is Ahmadabad.